Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

Scan the park for a spot… 
Where should I go? 
I will try not to be visible. 
Then I see everyone stand up and start running! 
The countdown!
So I get up and start running. 
People scream and shout.
Everyone runs down the pathway.
Gravel crunches under me.
I jump into a bush. 

“Sam! I can see you!” Jack shouts. 
I roll out from under the bush.
People keep on running. 
Me and a few people run into a bush, Maddie is in there. 
We run out and go into another bush. 
A few people are in there. 
We sprint down the the fence line and through the bushes.
Hurry up I say to myself. 
We run into another bush “go away this place is taken!” Someone shouts. 
The branches scratch my legs. Blood leaks out. 
We split up.

I keep on sprinting. I trip and I spring into the air. 
I face plant into some dirt and slide along. 
I am in a bush and then the teacher walks past. 
She doesn't spot me. 
I look around at my surroundings. 
It is a bush with tiny little red berry things.
There is a birds nest with cobwebs in it. 
I wait in there for 100,000,000 hours. 
I hear people getting found. 
Then out of nowhere TOOT! 
I have WON! 
I come out of the bushes 
and dash to everyone else. 

The end!    

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