Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Speech 2016

I created the speech called “The app that will end the world.” I was learning to structure my speech well and use language devices. I put my speech into 3 main paragraphs, With some anecdotes in them. My speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure. It went well because I got in the school competition and came highly commended, I also got a few laughs from the audience. I used a rhetorical question, And some short punchy sentences.
or you can read it below. Here is my speech→https://soundcloud.com/waimairisounds

pokémon go
Are you aware there is an app taking over the universe. It is a game. It started in 1996, it was made in Japan. You maybe use to watch the awesome 2001 tv show.  With our heroes ash Ketchum, misty, Brock and of course pikachu. A company called tv Tokyo made it.   It is a very addictive game. Call of duty addicting, flappy bird addicting and Crossy road addicting. Yes and What I am talking about is… Pokèmon go.  
Pokèmon go is beyond addictive. I know because there are things called Pokèmon go zombies. These are hordes of people with their face in their phones all day looking for the ultimate Pokèmon. You need to make sure you don't become too addicted, or you may become one of the characters for some really juicy, weird and dumb stories.

 There have been plenty of ridiculous Pokèmon go stories. Imagine this, you're jumping on the trampoline. You're mum is in the kitchen making dinner. Then out of nowhere a man walks through the gate with his face in his phone. Then he shouts out “YES! A dragonite!” And runs off.

Or you are sitting in your car. Then all of a sudden a car bumps into you and the guy gets out of the car and says “oh, sorry about that, there was a pikachu” and hops back in his car and drives off down the road.

Did you know Pokèmon Go is banned in Russia, Iran and many other big countries! Two idiots in America were playing Pokémon go and they went into a tiger enclosure to catch a rattata! They aren't even that good! They didn't get hurt but still that was a stupid idea.  What idiots would go into a tiger enclosure and why would they be in a closed zoo in the middle of the night in the first place? You may have heard this story but In San Diego, 2 men fell off a cliff while catching a Pokèmon. They both suffered from concussion... and embarrassment. And don't even get me started on how nuts my mum thinks I am. I once rammed into a trolley. I didn't get concussed, but I was certainly embarrassed. People in their mid twenties are playing it and their excuse is that it was from their childhood. It's a pretty pathetic Excuse.  One guy quit his job and sold his house recently to pursue his dream of Pokèmon hunting all over NZ. It is STUPID! He won't get paid. So when he comes back from his amazing trip, the first thing he will say is “now what?” Because he won't have any money. He won't have a house and he will have nothing left!

Pokèmon go Will end the world. There is no doubt about it. 9.5 million people play Pokémon go each day! So think about it before you go onto the App Store and buy it. You may become too addicted. You may go to a poke stop every 5 minutes. You may go into someone's house to catch a dragonite. You may Fall off a cliff. So what I am saying is limit your time that you play. Only 20 minutes each day maybe. Trust me, you don't want to become a Pokèmon go zombie. 

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