Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine this. You have moved to a strange new country called New Zealand from Iran. You  are in the schoolyard having lunch. Kids are sniggering, staring and whispering in a different language. You have got sweaty palms and you are only just clinging onto your cheap lunch box. You have a very dry throat and when you swallow it kind of hurts. 

New Zealand is the best at being the worst. We are becoming more and more prejudice. If it's skin colour, sexual orientation, or even gender, people are still getting discriminated against. Most people are being discriminated by their skin or race. 6% of New Zealand people feel they have been judged by their skin colour or race.

Prejudice is a thing that can upset people a lot. It is a growing threat. Prejudice is judging people by their skin colour, sex, looks and race. An example of racism is in a comic I read. It was set in WW2 when the US were fighting the Japanese. The guy in the comic stabbed another guy and said “Stay dead you Japanese monkey!” That was a clear and sad sign of racism. The effect with that would make the Japanese guy sad. 

No one knows when prejudice actually started, but I think it started in the cowboy days because there were slaves. A future action we could do to prevent the “ism’s” is tell people to put themselves in other people's shoes to see how it feels. We could have a large broadcast on the radio telling people all around the world to stop what people are doing everyday. Overall, prejudice can have devastating effect on everyone. It can lead to upset people, war, and even suicide. Many people who are discriminated against are immigrants.

There are a lot of ways immigrants feel welcome, from smiling at them to inviting them for dinner. If you smile at them, start a conversation. If they come for dinner get some fish & chips and l&p and then for dessert have hokey pokey ice-cream or pavlova. If you give them a tour learn the Language they speak. Because if they are from Japan you can say “New Zealand hijō ni kūrudesu” which means New Zealand is very cool. The impact will make the Japanese dude very very happy.

From our interviews with migrants we learnt how to make immigrants feel less alienated. Don't take advantage of them. If they try to buy something, for example: a Chinese man comes to the dairy to buy some milk, and 2 New Zealanders say “that will be 5… No, actually it will be 25 dollars,” and the Chinese man gives them 25 dollars because the Chinese man is new to NZ he wouldn't know how the economy worked in New Zealand. To make them feel included we can smile at them or talk to them. If you see a lady from Afghanistan walking down the street looking really lonely go up to her and say hi or talk to her. 

Tip for you to be welcoming:
Do not ignore immigrants. Imagine if people were ignoring you. It would not feel good. It would feel very embarrassing. So that’s why you have got to think about everyone around you because your actions could have a really bad effect if you are mean to them. If we keep doing this upset people is going to turn to suicide and suicide is going to turn to war. And that is how the future is uncertain. It maybe might end. That is why we have got to stop this.
(Unless the world is taken by robots or zombies anyway.)

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  1. This is a thought provoking opinion piece Sam. I remember reading some of these WW2 comic books when i was your age and not thinking too much about it, but yes, thinking about it now, they're pretty racist. And many people had lots of stereotypes in those days, especially after the war. Mum