Thursday, 14 April 2016


This term we were making music from our poem  because music is a universal language that people from all over the world can connect to. We used instruments to describe a person, a place or artwork based on our mihi. 
Example: people used shakers for the cicadas in the tree. My learning was connected because it was all parts of art with the music and the drawing. I achieved my learning objective because I finished a lot of tasks that we needed to finish. I used a shaker as a snake because I said his arms are as long as snakes. I used a drum because I said he is as tough as the whole all blacks team. I used the giggle because in the poem I said he was cheeky and funny. Overall my soundscape is a extended abstract because ms bentall used it as a model and I can help people. I am proud of my piece of work because I finished first and ms bentall said it was good.

His long legs are as long as big snakes, his arms stretch out as long as a train. He could be a Basketball player. 
He is as tough as the whole of the all blacks team
 He has black spiky hair and it looks like if you touched it you would get pricked. He always wears shorts and t shirts, because it's always hot.
 He is cheeky and funny because he has always got a glint in his eyes. 
 His voice is half south lander and half Australian because he was born in the town of Invercargill and moved to Sydney when I was 3 or 4.
  He helped my Mum when I was just a baby. Now we visit him every year.
He makes sets for movies and tv shows. 
He has got 3 kids (my Cousins).

My soundscape 

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  1. This sounds very cool. Chris has mousy brown hair though, not sure where the black hair comes from???