Monday, 14 March 2016




I can hear the blood drips like a running tap. 

I have got shell shock from the fighting and I can hear an eerie noise, it is a scary noise. 

Planes barrel around to the ground because they have been shot by the enemy's anti air guns. 

Is the stuff he's writing with blood or red paint?

Is it in the Vietnam war?

When will the war be over?

In this poem i have been learning to come up with good metaphors and similes that make sense.
My poem is currently at a multi-structural level because I can come up with a few metaphors but they are not good. My next step is to come up with better metaphors and similes.


  1. I also like your verb, "barrel"- it is a great action word to use and gives a real sense of intensity to your poem. Love Mum xxx

  2. Well done Sam. I in to war stories as well if you like a atomic bomb movie you could probably ask me. I know a ton of war scenes and movies ( sad ones )