Monday, 7 March 2016

Nikau bay

Where is the place I enjoy?

Where the weka 
stalks innocent people having a nice cold beer,
and screeches at the dogs.

Where dogs 
stink like dead fish 
and they bark at every bird that comes past. 

Where the sea looks as if it is breathing 
and the sea air smells kind of nice. 
The water sounds soothing and nice by the waves.

I am learning personification to put in my poem. I am going well with my writing. Because I can make my own ideas, and help people. It is going well because I have helped Hamish. Next step is to help multiple people at a time.


  1. Great story Sam keep up the good work👍

  2. Shot sam👌. I loved the story and you made me so jealous I wish I was there, I rate it 11 out of 10.😎👍

  3. I love your line about the sea breathing:) love mum