Thursday, 10 December 2015

Samania my little

I am the general and I am leading my army through the great Samanian beast war. It is the year 3069, and the Beast Witch is taking happiness away from the land. We need to win happiness back.

The screams of my men echo through the battlefield, terrifying me. They send chills down my spine. The monsters make the Army scream, because the monsters gave us nightmares as kids, and now they are coming to life. It is man vs beast, in the great Samanian beast war.

I hear the squelching of blood. It's a human food blender. The cold metal from my sword makes my hand sweat and it feels like a little sweaty sea. I trip and fall, and I see the foot of the giant about to crush me... The big foot is dirty. It stinks. It is the size of a bedroom. The giant is like Godzilla. 
Then everything around me freezes. I get up and see the frozen giant. He is big and stinky and in ripped pants. He has got a ginormous hammer with spikes sticking out of it. The land is silent. I see the frozen-in-time fire coming out of the flamethrower. I see blood coming out of my men. I see the scared faces. 

I see the dead bodies of young men who wanted to fight for Samania, most of them were way younger than they were supposed to be. They had to be at least 18 but most of them were 13 to 15.

There is a plasma shield that protects the castle. When you run through it is really hot, so for a split second it feels like you're running through fire. But some people are unlucky. I remember when someone tripped where the plasma shield was, we found him the next day split in half. One side was in the shield the other was outside of the shield. That story still scares me, because what if I tripped? But it is for the villagers, so we need it.

Then time gets unfrozen. I see the giant's foot smash on the ground boom! I am lucky that I got out in time. I would have been turned into toast with bacon on top. But I am still wondering how I did that. 
I am back to fighting. The dark green blood of the enemy splatters all over me. I hear the clanking of swords, the scared faces on my men makes me scared by just looking at them. I see things that no one should ever see, like heads being cut off, throats being slit, limbs being cut off and much, much more. And I wonder, will I die? Then I look down at my feet. I am sinking! I scream for help, but no one hears me. I feel the sand with blood on it. I think this is it. Going. Going. Gone under the battlefield with a lot other men. 

Years later the war is over humans have won. Men go out to try find the general and they dig him up. They take him to the surgery room. It is filled with sharp silver tools, that if you played with them, you would simply cut your hand off. The doctors start the procedure. When they finish they think he has no chance. They say amen and then go to get the funeral ready. But when everyone leaves the room, the general faintly coughs and opens his eyes. He can fight another day!


  1. Nice! I love the way you ended this story, it's great. It reminds me of this movie (but I'm sorry I can't remember what it's called). Great job Sam. From Izzi

  2. I speak with izzi as well that was really good sam👍