Thursday, 29 October 2015

Superman vs batman

It all started one Saturday night. Me and Fergus were in bed talking. "What's your favourite colour?" 
I started to reply "purple," then Fergus said,
 "Who do you think is gonna win superman vs batman?" There's a movie coming out and there is a poster on my wall for it.
"Superman of course," I replied like he was stupid. 
"Why?" he said, "What makes him so good?”
“He has got flipping laser eyes and is the strongest guy in the world, or maybe even the Galaxy… and the fastest," I protested. 
"Batman is awesome though, he's got batarangs and stuff," he said. 
"No but superman can FLY you egg." 
"Batman can fly too," Fergus said. 
"No he can glide, smart one," I said sarcastically. "Superman is still better." 
"Batman is gonna win," he said 
"Oh shut up" I said.
I knew he would never make me like batman, I hate him. Superman will always be the best.


  1. Great story Sam i agree I think superman will win.

  2. I agree super man is the best. And we loved you're story. We love super man from mylo and Ben F

  3. I agree super man is the best. And we loved your story. We love super man.
    from mylo and Ben F and bye the way we both argu with are siblings.

  4. Hey, what about Wonder Woman?? Eh? Eh? Love Mum

  5. I liked the dialogue in this I found it quite enjoying even though it was just you too talking about superheroes My favourite bit was probably the bit when you were saying what you liked about your favourite superhero.