Thursday, 24 September 2015

The estuary

We were in a house called 'The Pink Pippi'. It was an old rickety place and it had creaky floors. Outside was a bench like the hard ones you see at camp. And if you followed a track it would take you to the estuary. It was too cold to swim in. But when the tide was out, there was no water and it would be a soggy place that looked like it was after a nuclear war. There were the tiniest crab holes. 

So one time when the tide was out, I went for a walk to the middle of the damp estuary. I could hear the mud squelching under my feet. There was a ginormous log covered in wet algae. It was too slippery to climb on it. Not too far away from that was a discoloured kayak that had sunk. It had a gigantic hole in it (no wonder it had sunk). 

Then it was the other side of the estuary. On the walk back, I passed the faded kayak. Then I passed the log littered with algae. There was algae everywhere. And then I passed the crab holes. When I got to the shore there was mud clinging to my shoes. And I looked back and thought what it would it be like if the the tide came out when I went for the walk.

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