Thursday, 2 July 2015

Science reflection

Science reflection

 I have  shown I am a scientist because of stuff I've done like... 
Taking action 
Finding Proof 
Being exact  
Let's start with taking action. I made a video to teach people how to care for streams, and we went to Styx and Dudley creek.

Then we found proof that the waterways needed improving, and that was counting and identifying the macroinvertebrates in it. We had to be exact, like we used a macroinvertebrate survey which helped us know what macroinvertebrate it was if we found it. Last but not least, we used scientific equipment. We used a sieve on a stick aka trd (technical retrieval device) which was the safest way to get the invertebrates out of the water.
Sonow you know how to be a scientist. 
My inquiry project was to make either a video, a pamphlet, a radio. We chose a video. We explained how to look after our waterways. Here is the plan for our film:

Other photos.

This is my struggleometre. I use more strategies over time so I go up.

These are strategies we used for learning. I used google the most.
The end 

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