Tuesday, 28 July 2015


The earthquake 

Have you ever had the feeling when you thought you were going to die... Well I can tell you my story.
I'm sitting down In Te Puna in a rained out day eating my lunch with my friends. We are hopping around in this bag thingy. I have a delicious BLT(bacon,lettuce,tomato,) and a cookie. We are talking about what we are going to play when suddenly  a loud booming noise is heard and the ground starts SHAKING! 
It's an earthquake! 

To the Field!

People start screaming and shouting. Kids run to the teachers and teachers yell out instructions. It's chaos! The rocking ground finally stops. I'm in shock. Crying, I go with Miss B to the field. We are all rushing to get away from the buildings. Miss B asks a senior girl to look after me but she doesn't and takes off with her friends instead.Now I feel really scared and don't know what to do, so I start darting through people, trip, and fall over! And this was all happening in the rain, I got up and start darting through people again. We got to the field. We got into our class group's Miss B started singing but we were still too scared... then disaster struck! an aftershock came, we got tossed around like a bunch of basketballs. then a BIGGIE Came. again, We got tossed around. 

My mum

but on the other hand was my mum. mum is at the town hall, she's at a meeting for christchurch boys high. she rushed out of the town hall with her friends but then they split up. My mum started to run through town. she saw some scary stuff but kept on running. Then my mum got to my school and it seemed like she had been gone for HOURS.


When we went home there was stuff everywhere, like shattered glass and I felt very sad. so now you know what my story is.

The end                                 


  1. Wow Sam! That story was amazing. You really had me captured there! My eyes were fixed to the story. I remember when that happened. The good thing was that we could go home early!

  2. Great job Sam,I felt like I was there with you (which I was) but you really captured me with the words you said. I remember when that happened I went to go put my lunch box away in the cubby hole Mrs. Campbell was at her desk and and I heard this big thump and the ground started shaking. She told me to stay there! I was shocked. But anyway great story Sam.