Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Autumn in Gallipoli

Autumn in Gallipoli

The bright white balloon glows 
in a dark coal sky.
Crisp gold leaves lie 
in a still battle field.

Damp bodies of young victims 
lay scattered on the ground.
Shell shocked men share cigarettes 
behind the barracks.

Puddles like little lakes
Lay scattered around.
All that disturbed by a flaming ball of fire 
plummeting down, making contact with the ground.

Frozen men get blasted up, 
the sleepy soldiers gear up, 
The exhausted land get’s lit up 
with fire.

Poor men cry with fear “
The beaten land awakes 
from its concussion.

The gleeful Turks watch as the 
allies leave in their boats.
But all of them
scarred for life.


  1. Awesome poem Sam. I really enjoyed this piece of writing and all the great language you used. I liked the sentence when you said all that disturbed by a flaming ball of fire
    plummeting down. It reminds of books that I have been reading about war, and the way they they talked about the peace after the battle. Great work!

  2. Sam, this poem evokes strong emotions for me. You have carefully crafted it in a way that creates images that are powerful and true, particularly with phrases like "dark coal sky" and "the beaten land awakes from its concussion". Bravo!

  3. I agree with ms bent all, that is an amazing image of the land... Beaten down by all the fighting. Mum