Monday, 2 March 2015

Icc cricket World Cup 2015!

It all started when my mum dropped me off at

School.  I was so excited because I knew I was

going to the ICC cricket world cup 2015!

I wanted to share my excitement, so I said “I am so happy for tonight!”
Then my mum said “Sorry but you’re not going. I'm going in the VIP tent - its no kids allowed.”

My heart stopped. I managed to make it through the whole day I was so glum that

day that I didn't talk much, only when the teacher asked a question. When it was home time I went to

After School Care. Then mum picked me up I said “Can arrangements be made?” She said... YES! My heart was thumping like a loud boom box in a car she said I was going with Lawrence and Jackie Pithie. I jumped with joy yippee!

Later... Jackie came over.I got ready and we hopped in the van. I felt like fainting. We got there and we claimed our land next to Lawrence's friend. The fireworks were mind blowing. I was breath-taken.  The event was life changing. I had dreams for days it was so awesome!

The end.


  1. What an awesome end to your story!! I like that you were able to claim your "land" at the Cricket World Cup.

  2. Hello, it's Sam's mum here. In my defence, I was only given one ticket into the VIP tent and I figured Sam would be very, very bored with all the people in their suits. And, as it turned out, he had a lot more fun than I did watching all the buskers and different acts that night. I did get to say gidday to Richie though. Richie McCaw that is!!

  3. SAM!!! That's amazing if I was about to go to the cricket World Cup and then my mum said sorry you can't came I would be going CRAZY!!!