Sunday, 8 March 2015

Camp 2015

It was the 2nd day of camp and it was Ono's turn for archery, so we trudged up the track to the targets.

We plonked down on a bench which hurt my spine, but it was worth it because I was puffed.

The instructor chatted away about safety... boring.

After what felt like 10000 BORING years of talking it was time for practice.

I was last. Hurry up, I want to be Katniss!

Finally, it was my turn. I'm Katniss in the hunger games... I see my prey... I shoot my arrow... Ping! 2nd shot, Ping! 3rd shot... Ping! Got it, YES! (Whistle)

We did it again, but then we did a game. It was very complicated, but I took Wendy to the dump with 1k. Then I got to eat my dinner with 1 hand, then 2 hands. We raced back to the cabin. Ben and I were doing burnouts and crashes. We got back to the cabin and it was reflecting time. The saying of the day was... PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS!

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  1. …random ending! I'm not quite sure how pink fluffy unicorns fit in, but I loved your earlier writing, especially the strong verbs like 'trudged' and 'plonked'. Sounds like a fun camp activity!