Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

Scan the park for a spot… 
Where should I go? 
I will try not to be visible. 
Then I see everyone stand up and start running! 
The countdown!
So I get up and start running. 
People scream and shout.
Everyone runs down the pathway.
Gravel crunches under me.
I jump into a bush. 

“Sam! I can see you!” Jack shouts. 
I roll out from under the bush.
People keep on running. 
Me and a few people run into a bush, Maddie is in there. 
We run out and go into another bush. 
A few people are in there. 
We sprint down the the fence line and through the bushes.
Hurry up I say to myself. 
We run into another bush “go away this place is taken!” Someone shouts. 
The branches scratch my legs. Blood leaks out. 
We split up.

I keep on sprinting. I trip and I spring into the air. 
I face plant into some dirt and slide along. 
I am in a bush and then the teacher walks past. 
She doesn't spot me. 
I look around at my surroundings. 
It is a bush with tiny little red berry things.
There is a birds nest with cobwebs in it. 
I wait in there for 100,000,000 hours. 
I hear people getting found. 
Then out of nowhere TOOT! 
I have WON! 
I come out of the bushes 
and dash to everyone else. 

The end!    

Thursday, 22 September 2016


We read an article about a fleet of research waka which spent two years criss crossing the Pacific ocean, observing rubbish in the Pacific Ocean.   They noticed that if they found rubbish in the ocean, it usually meant they were getting close to land.  Because of this, we infer that most rubbish in the ocean comes from land. 

We wondered if the rubbish in our playground might have a similar trend.   We decided, before lunch on Wednesday last week, to go and find out. 

We split the school into 12 sections on a map.  Each section had a group of scientist (us!) to make observations and inferences.

We put a red dot on the map wherever we found a piece of rubbish and collected all the rubbish.
After lunch we went back, and noted with a blue dot, any new rubbish found in our area.  We also collected this rubbish.   This is our map, showing where we found rubbish, both times.

Our observations and inferences: 
These red dots on our map represent the rubbish before we went out to lunch. We found out that the red dot rubbish was around the same place near rubbish bins and around the fences. 
We think the reason this happens is when people tip the rubbish in uncarefully and it falls out the sides. We also think the wind blows the rubbish into the fences or the kids play around behind room 22.  

The rubbish is not spread out evenly on the map. This is because kids have particular places where they like to drop rubbish. Like under the buildings, behind the fence or anywhere that would be out of bounds or places people are unable to go to pick up the rubbish. Another common place to drop rubbish is places where there is already a lot of rubbish because it blends in.
Some areas like under the buildings and the in the fences 
have a lot of rubbish because percent people think that no one will go under the buildings any time soon so they put their rubbish under there.
The most found type of rubbish we found was chip packets and wrap. We found the chip packets and wrap near the fence behind rm 22.
We think this is because people are eating beside the buildings and they throw Their food and rubbish under there and rubbish on the ground be blown and get caught in the fences and get stuck by the leaves that are in the ditch.

There was a problem with our data as there was some rubbish that we didn't pick up. Also there was unretrievable rubbish and the map wasn't exactly to scale.
The wind blows most pieces of rubbish away somewhere else in the school For an example if most of the rubbish was in the middle of the court and the wind was blowing, it will go to the side of a building or a fence.

What have you learnt about rubbish in your playground?
I have learnt that there is barely any rubbish on the playground before lunch and after lunch. I think that because people are not allowed to eat on the playground. But there is the odd piece of rubbish.

We also classified the types of rubbish that we found, which can be seen on this graph:


After we made these observations and inferences, we were left with questions as to why people in our school failed to put their rubbish in the bins! Why does so much end up back around the school after one break time? Maybe it is falling out of people's pockets? Perhaps it's the winds fault? Or maybe the students of Waimairi school are dropping it on purpose?

Since then, we have recorded how rubbish was dropped at morning tea and lunch. Basically, we spied on the school! We, as scientists, have completed an investigation into why rubbish is ending up on the ground. On Thursday the 18th of August, we went out at morning tea and lunchtime to make observations of you all, collecting data to find out how rubbish gets on the ground.

We split up into 12 groups. At morning tea we spread ourselves around the whole school to observe. At lunchtime we spread the 12 groups around the lunch eating areas and observed what happened to the rubbish. 
We have made inferences from our observations and here is what we found:


At morning tea time, Waimairi school dropped 205 pieces of rubbish. That's 2 out of 5 people on average who dropped rubbish. 110 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, which is more than half of the rubbish we observed being dropped. We also saw 46 pieces of rubbish dropped without the person realising that they had dropped it, often as they were walking.We also saw rubbish being dropped from pockets.

The places we found that rubbish had been dropped the most, were the Te Puna block, the walkway down to Ara Atu and the playground behind room 13. We think this might be because people playing in these areas may not understand why it is important to put rubbish in the bin. We also inferred that since there's big bushes at Ara Atu, people think they can hide their rubbish there.

Also, there is no rubbish bin in sight of the playground in these areas, so people lazily drop it instead. We think that most people do this because they think that they can hide it, or can get away with dropping it, even when they know it is wrong. And they do get away with it! Why don't people take a little walk over to the bin to put their rubbish where it belongs? 


At lunchtime, 219 pieces of rubbish were dropped throughout the school JUST during lunch eating time. That's 2 out of every 5 people in the school on average. that is a large amount of people to be dropping rubbish.
From what we saw, 79 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, and 44 were left where people were eating. 

Just like at morning tea time, we think that around the school most of the people drop the rubbish because there's not enough rubbish bins around. Although there are already some bins, there only a few, and sometimes not in the best places. 
We also think that some children might not be able to reach the bins because we observed the bins are quite a bit taller than some junior children. Younger students also may not understand why it is bad to leave rubbish on the ground.

We could maybe get more and smaller bins to show others that bins are valued around the school but we think most of the kids already know about why we shouldn't  drop rubbish - because it will cause lots of problems for the animals in our environment and make our school look messy.

We spotted some differences between Morning Tea and Lunchtime. At lunch-eating time, more pieces of rubbish were dropped than the whole of morning tea time, even though morning tea is longer than lunch eating time. We think that more rubbish was dropped at lunch because more food is eaten at lunchtime and there would be a bigger chance of rubbish flying out of their lunchboxes. Lunch food is also more likely to have wrappers. However we also inferred that people might deliberately litter so that they don’t get in trouble for walking to the bin - as we are not allowed to stand up during lunch eating time.

Under the classroom is also a common place to put rubbish. But the reason  that people drop rubbish there is because they think no one will notice. But we did! But if you think that you get away with it, then you are wrong because we see rubbish everywhere, even in sneaky places where people will think you can't see it.

Overall, 424 pieces of rubbish were dropped in the 45 minutes we were observing that day. That’s almost one piece of rubbish per person. If nobody ever picks this rubbish up, then by the end of the week there would be 2120 pieces of rubbish floating around the school.  Many people dropped their rubbish on purpose, but also accidentally, leaving it where they ate or hiding it.

We think if we all work together our school can be cleaner by just simply walking  to the bin, because just doing a simple thing like that will help to make a big difference. But we also think that during lunch eating time we should be allowed to stand up to walk to the bin to put our rubbish in it. We will be discussing this with the teachers. This means people will be less likely to throw it in the bushes, under the buildings, leave it where they were eating or just throw it on the ground.

We also plan to write to the board of trustees to see if we can have more bins built permanently into the areas that we’ve observed to gather the most rubbish. We also need bins that are the right size for younger kids as well.

So what is the most important thing for you to remember from today? Do not drop rubbish on purpose. It’s pretty simple.  Please walk the few metres to the bins, otherwise we will all be swimming in a pool of rubbish.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Speech 2016

I created the speech called “The app that will end the world.” I was learning to structure my speech well and use language devices. I put my speech into 3 main paragraphs, With some anecdotes in them. My speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure. It went well because I got in the school competition and came highly commended, I also got a few laughs from the audience. I used a rhetorical question, And some short punchy sentences.
or you can read it below. Here is my speech→

pokémon go
Are you aware there is an app taking over the universe. It is a game. It started in 1996, it was made in Japan. You maybe use to watch the awesome 2001 tv show.  With our heroes ash Ketchum, misty, Brock and of course pikachu. A company called tv Tokyo made it.   It is a very addictive game. Call of duty addicting, flappy bird addicting and Crossy road addicting. Yes and What I am talking about is… Pokèmon go.  
Pokèmon go is beyond addictive. I know because there are things called Pokèmon go zombies. These are hordes of people with their face in their phones all day looking for the ultimate Pokèmon. You need to make sure you don't become too addicted, or you may become one of the characters for some really juicy, weird and dumb stories.

 There have been plenty of ridiculous Pokèmon go stories. Imagine this, you're jumping on the trampoline. You're mum is in the kitchen making dinner. Then out of nowhere a man walks through the gate with his face in his phone. Then he shouts out “YES! A dragonite!” And runs off.

Or you are sitting in your car. Then all of a sudden a car bumps into you and the guy gets out of the car and says “oh, sorry about that, there was a pikachu” and hops back in his car and drives off down the road.

Did you know Pokèmon Go is banned in Russia, Iran and many other big countries! Two idiots in America were playing Pokémon go and they went into a tiger enclosure to catch a rattata! They aren't even that good! They didn't get hurt but still that was a stupid idea.  What idiots would go into a tiger enclosure and why would they be in a closed zoo in the middle of the night in the first place? You may have heard this story but In San Diego, 2 men fell off a cliff while catching a Pokèmon. They both suffered from concussion... and embarrassment. And don't even get me started on how nuts my mum thinks I am. I once rammed into a trolley. I didn't get concussed, but I was certainly embarrassed. People in their mid twenties are playing it and their excuse is that it was from their childhood. It's a pretty pathetic Excuse.  One guy quit his job and sold his house recently to pursue his dream of Pokèmon hunting all over NZ. It is STUPID! He won't get paid. So when he comes back from his amazing trip, the first thing he will say is “now what?” Because he won't have any money. He won't have a house and he will have nothing left!

Pokèmon go Will end the world. There is no doubt about it. 9.5 million people play Pokémon go each day! So think about it before you go onto the App Store and buy it. You may become too addicted. You may go to a poke stop every 5 minutes. You may go into someone's house to catch a dragonite. You may Fall off a cliff. So what I am saying is limit your time that you play. Only 20 minutes each day maybe. Trust me, you don't want to become a Pokèmon go zombie. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine this. You have moved to a strange new country called New Zealand from Iran. You  are in the schoolyard having lunch. Kids are sniggering, staring and whispering in a different language. You have got sweaty palms and you are only just clinging onto your cheap lunch box. You have a very dry throat and when you swallow it kind of hurts. 

New Zealand is the best at being the worst. We are becoming more and more prejudice. If it's skin colour, sexual orientation, or even gender, people are still getting discriminated against. Most people are being discriminated by their skin or race. 6% of New Zealand people feel they have been judged by their skin colour or race.

Prejudice is a thing that can upset people a lot. It is a growing threat. Prejudice is judging people by their skin colour, sex, looks and race. An example of racism is in a comic I read. It was set in WW2 when the US were fighting the Japanese. The guy in the comic stabbed another guy and said “Stay dead you Japanese monkey!” That was a clear and sad sign of racism. The effect with that would make the Japanese guy sad. 

No one knows when prejudice actually started, but I think it started in the cowboy days because there were slaves. A future action we could do to prevent the “ism’s” is tell people to put themselves in other people's shoes to see how it feels. We could have a large broadcast on the radio telling people all around the world to stop what people are doing everyday. Overall, prejudice can have devastating effect on everyone. It can lead to upset people, war, and even suicide. Many people who are discriminated against are immigrants.

There are a lot of ways immigrants feel welcome, from smiling at them to inviting them for dinner. If you smile at them, start a conversation. If they come for dinner get some fish & chips and l&p and then for dessert have hokey pokey ice-cream or pavlova. If you give them a tour learn the Language they speak. Because if they are from Japan you can say “New Zealand hijō ni kūrudesu” which means New Zealand is very cool. The impact will make the Japanese dude very very happy.

From our interviews with migrants we learnt how to make immigrants feel less alienated. Don't take advantage of them. If they try to buy something, for example: a Chinese man comes to the dairy to buy some milk, and 2 New Zealanders say “that will be 5… No, actually it will be 25 dollars,” and the Chinese man gives them 25 dollars because the Chinese man is new to NZ he wouldn't know how the economy worked in New Zealand. To make them feel included we can smile at them or talk to them. If you see a lady from Afghanistan walking down the street looking really lonely go up to her and say hi or talk to her. 

Tip for you to be welcoming:
Do not ignore immigrants. Imagine if people were ignoring you. It would not feel good. It would feel very embarrassing. So that’s why you have got to think about everyone around you because your actions could have a really bad effect if you are mean to them. If we keep doing this upset people is going to turn to suicide and suicide is going to turn to war. And that is how the future is uncertain. It maybe might end. That is why we have got to stop this.
(Unless the world is taken by robots or zombies anyway.)

Thursday, 14 April 2016


His long legs are as long as big snakes, his arms stretch out as long as a train. He could be a Basketball player. 
He is as tough as the whole of the all blacks team
 He has black spiky hair and it looks like if you touched it you would get pricked. He always wears shorts and t shirts, because it's always hot.
 He is cheeky and funny because he has always got a glint in his eyes. 
 His voice is half south lander and half Australian because he was born in the town of Invercargill and moved to Sydney when I was 3 or 4.
  He helped my Mum when I was just a baby. Now we visit him every year.
He makes sets for movies and tv shows. 
He has got 3 kids (my Cousins).


This term we were making music from our poem  because music is a universal language that people from all over the world can connect to. We used instruments to describe a person, a place or artwork based on our mihi. 
Example: people used shakers for the cicadas in the tree. My learning was connected because it was all parts of art with the music and the drawing. I achieved my learning objective because I finished a lot of tasks that we needed to finish. I used a shaker as a snake because I said his arms are as long as snakes. I used a drum because I said he is as tough as the whole all blacks team. I used the giggle because in the poem I said he was cheeky and funny. Overall my soundscape is a extended abstract because ms bentall used it as a model and I can help people. I am proud of my piece of work because I finished first and ms bentall said it was good.

His long legs are as long as big snakes, his arms stretch out as long as a train. He could be a Basketball player. 
He is as tough as the whole of the all blacks team
 He has black spiky hair and it looks like if you touched it you would get pricked. He always wears shorts and t shirts, because it's always hot.
 He is cheeky and funny because he has always got a glint in his eyes. 
 His voice is half south lander and half Australian because he was born in the town of Invercargill and moved to Sydney when I was 3 or 4.
  He helped my Mum when I was just a baby. Now we visit him every year.
He makes sets for movies and tv shows. 
He has got 3 kids (my Cousins).

My soundscape 

Monday, 14 March 2016




I can hear the blood drips like a running tap. 

I have got shell shock from the fighting and I can hear an eerie noise, it is a scary noise. 

Planes barrel around to the ground because they have been shot by the enemy's anti air guns. 

Is the stuff he's writing with blood or red paint?

Is it in the Vietnam war?

When will the war be over?

In this poem i have been learning to come up with good metaphors and similes that make sense.
My poem is currently at a multi-structural level because I can come up with a few metaphors but they are not good. My next step is to come up with better metaphors and similes.